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Screen printing - Custom T-shirt and Embroidery Company



Our Catalog includes thousands
of high quality products such as
T-Shirts, Athletic Bags, Bags,
Business Shirts, Hats, Dress
Shirts, Infant Clothing, Youth Clothing, Jackets, Jersey Polos,  Sweatpants, Accessories, Sweatshirts, Fleece, Totes, Mesh Shorts, and Head Wear.


Screen printing inks for custom
t-shirt printing involves many different inks to print your artwork. You can add awesome high quality colors to your design by using our fluorescent and specialty inks. Click HERE to view our specialty inks.

Screen Printing
Screen Printing Company
T-Shirt Printing

custom t-shirts



Custom t-shirt design begins with your vision. Design it yourself or have our artists create it for you. Click HERE    to view custom design high quality


Custom embroidery has two techniques that create a 3D effect - puff embroidery and
layered embroidery. Click HERE to view embroidery samples.high quality custom embroidery


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Phone: 515.251.6999
Toll Free: 800.810.4692
M-F 8am-6pm CST


Vector Art
Vector Art is the BEST to send us! Vector art is built or drawn in a vector or object based program such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Corel Draw or Macromedia Freehand. The objects in a vector file can be selected and individually controlled independently from the rest of the image.
File extensions include
.ai, .eps, .cdr and .fla

Photo Realistic Art (Raster)
Photographic Art is art that contains scanned in imagery,
or art that is constructed in a pixel based program such as Photoshop, Fireworks or Photo Paint.
File extensions for are
.psd, .tif, .jpg, .gif and .png

We accept vector as well as raster files from the following programs:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Adobe Flash
  • Corel Draw
  • Macromedia Freehand
  • Microsoft Paint
  • Microsoft Photo Draw
  • Paint Shop Pro

We do reserve the right to apply an art charge for excessive revisions and a $199 art charge for complex art.

A $50 deposit is required for our art department to begin on your artwork. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE but is applied to the balance of your custom garment order.

Your artwork belongs to your order. We do not allow others to print or copy your designs without your permission.

If you have any questions or concerns, our Internet team will be at your service just Contact Us via email and a representative will contact you promptly.

Click HERE to learn more about our art submission guidelines.